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SprintRay Pro S – Dental 3D Printing. Simplified.

The Pro S 3D printer is designed to improve productivity in your practice.
It’s designed to be easy to learn, train and delegate
so you can streamline your practice production workflow.

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User Friendly

Designed exclusively for dental
professionals, Pro S is simple to
learn and easy to teach thanks to its
user-friendly design.

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Unmatched Versatility

Customize your Pro S experience to
optimize for restorative, small-batch
printing or maximum total

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Onboard Intelligence

Pro S combines smart sensors with
workflow context to make sure your
3D printing workflow operates

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Leading Accuracy

Digital dentistry demands tight
tolerances and smooth margins.
Pro S is our most accurate 3D
printer yet.

Sprintray ProS 55s 95s Dental Printer

Complementary Pairs

Ready for all types of in-office dental manufacturing

Incredible speed and throughput meet industry-
leading accuracy

Ultra high resolution to meet the demands of
restorative applications

Models for aligners

Image Surgical Guide

Occlusal Guard


Image  Smile Design

Image Crowns and bridges

Image Crowns and bridges

Image Surgical Guide

Image Implant Denture

Image  Indirect Bonding Tray

Occlusal Guard

Implant Analogue

Image  Smile Design

Enabled by Industry-leading Materials

The world’s best 3D printer needs the world’s best resin

> Discover All SprintRay Materials

At SprintRay, our mission is to shorten and improve your digital workflow. Our 3D printing materials work in tandem with our
hardware and software to deliver accurate, repeatable results and industry-leading mechanical properties.

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Designed to meet the needs of your practice

World Class Design and Engineering

DLP refined

The enhanced optics consist of an all-glass design that improves uniformity across the entire build platform. The 100% balanced light output of this enhanced projector means your prints will fit even better. At the heart of the SprintRay Pro S, we’ve taken DLP optical technology to a new level to bring you the absolute best in dental 3D printing.

All-glass optics

Advanced Resintank

Advanced tracking with near-field technology allows the Pro S to automatically track the life of each resin tank. This is just one of the ways SprintRay takes the guesswork out of the 3D printing process and helps you maximize every dollar invested in your digital workflow.

RFID Lifetime Tracking

Improved chassis

The Pro S features an improved structure that allows for greater Z-axis accuracy. The software-controlled bonding protocol allows curing layers to be adjusted for individual resins with even tighter tolerances. The new chassis is directly connected to the tank mount, eliminating problems due to spring tension and allowing perfect layers for each print.

Improved print quality

Sprintray ProS Logo Dental 3dprinter

Leading the digital revolution worldwide

Leading the digital revolution worldwide

SprintRay ProS Touchscreen Dental Printer Easy

Smarter dental 3D printing

Easy to Learn.
Easy to Use.

Technology should make your workflow easier, and SprintRay does just that. We’ve leveraged RFID technology, smart sensors, and an intelligent onboard interface to make it easy to learn, teach, and use our products every day.

It’s all part of our design and product philosophy – removing barriers to technology and improving the interaction between the human and the machine.

Pro55s Sprintray Dental Printer Platform Hero

Smart Print Platform

The Pro S build platform contains multitudes. Embedded inside the machined block of aluminum is our first-ever platform heater, keeping the platform warm for maximum build plate adhesion relative to the tank. This heat improves print results and reduces forces on the tank, prolonging its lifetime. Plus, a built-in magnet means it integrates out-of-the-box with ProWash S.

Dual Heating

Pro95s Sprintray Dental Printer Platform Hero

The Friendly Workflow

Introduced as a free upgrade for all Pro S users nearly two years after its release, PrintOS 8 streamlines the printing experience. It uses onboard sensors to deliver the right information at the right time, offering helpful onboard instructions to help troubleshoot common problems and simplify workflows. Pro S is simpler to use and more powerful than ever.

Smart Sensing

Specialty kits help Pro S deliver unprecedented performance

Maximum Speed, Unlocked

Pro S ships with a standard build platform and resin tank that maximize flexibility and materials compatibility. For those who
want to optimize for chairside delivery, the Crown Kit and Arch Kit offer our fastest production speeds ever. These kits are plug-and-play,
requiring only the installation of a new build platform and resin tank.
SprintRay ArchKit Platform Model 1

Arch Kit

Chairside delivery for more appliances

Arch Kit enables your Pro S to print up to twice as fast. Designed for rapid, small-batch production, Arch Kit allows you to print up to 2 arches at once in as little as 13 minutes.

SprintRay CrownKit Platform Standalone Side

Crown Kit

Chairside restorations in minutes

Crown Kit uses a very small build platform and custom resin tank to maximize print speed, even with highly viscous ceramic resins. When paired with SprintRay Crown resin, you can print up to 6 crowns in less than 10 minutes.

2-3 Arch
Build Capacity

2X Faster
Printer Speed

Reduced Resin Waste

6 Crown
Build Capacity

2X Faster
Print Speed

Reduced Resin Waste

Unparalleled Durability

Arch Kit and Crown Kit platforms have been hard anodized, which makes them
incredibly durable. Print with any resin you like, with corrosion and scratch
resistance that will last for many years.

Sprintray Pros Front Hero Nightguards Dental Accurate Fast 3d Printer Ecosystem Kit Selection

Automatic Kit Detection

Chairside 3D printing made simple

Pro S combines smart sensors with workflow context to make sure
your 3D printing workflow operates efficiently.

Sprintray ProS Logo Dental 3dprinter

Unleash the power of your practice

Unleash the power of your practice

Smart SprintRay Ecosystem

Frictionless 3D Printing Workflow

End-to-end Workflow

SprintRay Pro S is part of the full 3D printing ecosystem, which also includes cloud-based design and printing software, the ProWash S automated cleaning system, and the world’s most advanced post-curing with ProCure 2.

Designed Just for Dentistry

When you step up to SprintRay, you’re joining a community of thousands of dentists who use our products every day to enrich their patients’ lives. Our products are designed from the ground-up to empower your digital workflow.

Cutting-edge Digital Dentistry Powered by SprintRay

The SprintRay 3D printing ecosystem is designed for the unique needs of dental professionals. With SprintRay as your partner, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in dentistry has never been easier.

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