Surgical Guides

The first full service solution for 3D printing implant guides in your office, from scan to surgery.

Receive all the clinical benefits of guided surgery with rapid turnaround times and minimal material cost by printing guides in-office. Upload your scan and CBCT data to SprintRay Cloud Design Software and receive printable 3D files designed specifically for SprintRay Pro. 3D print the surgical guide in as little as 30 minutes.

Key Benefits

  • Go from scan to print with integrated Cloud Design software solution and SprintRay Pro 3D printers
  • Fabricate precision guides in as little as 30 minutes
  • Control costs with an estimated 2€ in materials cost per printed guide

Full-Arch Surgical Guides

With SprintRay Pro, you can fabricate surgical guides of all kinds, including full-arch multi-site implant guides, bone reduction guides, and more. Thanks to the dimensional accuracy and rapid production speeds, same-day guided surgery is now possible.

Quadrant Implant Guides

For single-unit dental implants, 3D printing provides a rapid, repeatable workflow for the production of implant guides. Simply scan and fabricate your surgical guide – it is as easy as it sounds.


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Practice Insights

Dr. August de Oliveria: The 3D Printer Tipping Point

Dr. August de Oliveira is a leading voice in the digital dentistry movement. A long-time advocate of 3D printing surgical guides and more in the dental office, he leverages the technology to reduce costs and increase delivery speed for multiple therapies. In this Practice Insights, learn Dr. de Oliveria’s story, from his early 3D printing days till now. He shares his tips for what to look out for when purchasing a 3D printer, as well as an overview of how 3D printing has impacted his practice.

Connect with Digital Dentistry Experts

Whether you’re new to digital dentistry and are looking for guidance or you have specific questions or needs you’d like addressed, our expert sales team would love to connect.

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Digital Workflow Explained

3D Printing Surgical Guides

Using intraoral scan and optional CBCT data, you can use 3rd-party software to design and 3D print surgical guides in-office using SprintRay 3D printers. Once the surgical guide is printed, it needs to be washed and post-processed before use. Place guide sleeves into the printed part and sterilize in an autoclave.


Our large selection of dental printing materials are designed to get the most out of SprintRay 3D printers. Whether you’re using resins from SprintRay or one of our growing list of materials partners, you’ll receive highly-accurate, outstanding results thanks to our extensive validation process.

SprintRay Surgical Guide 3

Accurate and distortion free implant guides

Surgical Guide 3 is the fastest, most durable implant guide material that SprintRay has ever made. Featuring improvements to flexural strength and modulus vs SprintRay EU Surgical Guide, you can confidently place implants with this biocompatible resin. Plus, improved printing speeds further reduce time to surgery, improving flexibility and offering a superior patient experience.

By taking advantage of SprintRay Cloud Design and the complete 3D printing system of SprintRay, you can fabricate surgical guides of all kinds, varying from single unit quadrants to full-arch multi-unit implant guides.

  • Fastest-ever SprintRay Surgical Guide resin
  • Clear and aesthetic appearance after autoclaving
  • Improved flexural modulus and strength

Higher flexural strength ensures that the model doesn’t break during normal use.

SprintRay Surgical Guide 3
105 MPa

Higher flexural modulus prevents distortion, which can impact placement accuracy during procedure.

SprintRay Surgical Guide 3
2579 MPa

Lower viscosity values indicate that the resin is easier to mix.

SprintRay Surgical Guide 3
343 Centipoise
64 MPa
SprintRay EU Surgical Guide
1584 MPa
SprintRay EU Surgical Guide
700 Centipoise

Cutting-edge Digital Dentistry Powered by SprintRay

The SprintRay 3D printing ecosystem is designed for the unique needs of dental professionals. With SprintRay as your partner, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in dentistry has never been easier.

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