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ProCure 2

The most advanced post-curing system.

ProCure 2 is fast. Fast enough to enable true chairside workflows with SprintRay 3D printing. And thanks to its dedicated light engine, there’s no need to heat up and you can start straight away.

Welcome to Chairside.

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Thanks to its special post-curing mechanism, ProCure 2 can fully post-cure printed parts in just a few minutes, using both light and heat for optimal mechanical properties.

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Chamber scanning

ProCure 2’s light system scans the curing chamber to ensure that each part is evenly and thoroughly post-cured.

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Instant heating

Because ProCure 2 emits concentrated 385nm light, optimal heat is applied to each printed part. This eliminates the need for heating, which significantly shortens the overall post-cure time.

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Active thermodynamics

Outstanding technology ensures that ProCure 2 is always at the right temperature. Active and passive thermodynamics work in perfect harmony – hot inside and cool outside.

SprintRay Design

The centrepiece of ProCure 2 is the UVA light module, which has been designed from the ground up to meet our stringent requirements for practice and laboratory use. Its unique triangular design provides 360 degrees of post-curing coverage.

A marvel of technology

The heart of ProCure 2, the Light Motion Drive, is an engineering marvel that delivers more than 25 times the power of ProCure 1. This custom-built UVA light module delivers concentrated 385nm light with near-perfect uniformity. With linear movement and outstanding performance, the patented curing unit enables today’s chairside workflows and new materials for tomorrow.

Full 360-light exposure

Unmatched thermodynamics

The Light Motion Drive captures the heat generated by the powerful LEDs and constantly circulates the air inside ProCure 2. Thanks to extensive research and development, ProCure 2 requires no time to preheat. The powerful LEDs generate local heat on each part due to the intensity of the curing reaction, creating a local heat source that is efficiently distributed throughout the chamber.

Instant heating

Bring the finish line closer

ProCure 2 is incredibly fast and opens up new possibilities for your entire 3D printing workflow. Utilising our patented Light Motion Drive, it delivers outstanding light output and instant heat to your parts, creating new possibilities for treatment at the point of care during an appointment. By reducing cure time to 5 minutes or less, ProCure 2 can shorten your in-office 3D printing workflow by up to 60 minutes.

Less than 5 minutes

Smarter Chairside

Equipped with Wifi and a powerful on-board computer, ProCure 2 receives updates over the air. Its live material library is synchronised with our cloud resin services, so your unit is always equipped with the latest and most up-to-date curing profiles without you having to do anything. An all-new search function helps you find the resin you need instantly.

Unsurpassed throughput

ProCure 2 uses a removable glass tray with Dual Zone Curing, providing ultimate flexibility in post-curing. The removable tray makes it easy to prepare and stack models regardless of your office space. And thanks to Dual Zone Curing, you can set the maximum speed for your finishing, depending on how many models you are curing at the same time.

20 full capacity sheets

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