ProTection Plan

Maximum uptime, minimum cost

We want you to experience frictionless workflows with our SprintRay system – but things happen. To ensure worry-free usage, ProTection got your back, so you can focus on your patients instead of your devices.

What is ProTection?

Icon Hotswap Circle Red 800px

Zero Downtime Hotswap
If your SprintRay product isn’t functioning properly, we’ll send you a replacement right away, free of charge. Once
you receive it, send us back your malfunctioning unit.

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First Repair Forgiveness
We get it – stuff happens. If your hardware needs a repair not covered by the limited warranty (e.g. resin spill), we’ll completely forgive the cost the first time and provide a discount thereafter.

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90 minutes with ​a SprintRay expert
SprintRay is easy to use, but we are sure you have questions. With ProTection, you also get a 90 minutes online meeting with a SprintRay expert to go over most frequently asked and your individual questions.

Icon Annual Maintenance

Annual remote maintenance
Maintaining peak performance for your SprintRay system is important. Annual Remote Maintenance is included in the ProTection plan. Our skilled SprintRay service technicians will conduct comprehensive tests and checks remotely to ensure the continued optimal functioning of the product.

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Your Choice

You can decide how much you want to protect. You can insure single devices or opt for the all-in bundle Protection plan for your compelte SprintRay system for 2 years.

ProTection Bundle

ProTection Bundle

Protect your complete SprintRay system and focus on your patients - for two complete years.
Pro S Printers

Pro S Printers

Resin spills are the most common cause for damaged printers. Secure your printer today.


No finished prints without a proper wash and dry. Protect your ProWash.
ProCure 2

ProCure 2

For the last step in dental 3D printing, ensure with ProTection that there is no downtime if something is wrong with your ProCure .

Cutting-edge Digital Dentistry Powered by SprintRay

The SprintRay 3D printing ecosystem is designed for the unique needs of dental professionals. With SprintRay as your partner, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in dentistry has never been easier.

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