SprintRay Pro S Update: Bolt Speed Engage

The SprintRay Pro S printer family just got an update,
making your workflow bolt-optimized.

At SprintRay, we understand that dental practitioners are busy every moment of the day. Our 3D printing ecosystem has given them back the most limited resource they have: time. And that means a streamlined experience for their patients with single appointment workflows.

However, while our current digital dentistry ecosystems offer lightning-fast speeds, we are never satisfied leaving things as they are. Things can always be faster.

In line with this, we are excited to announce a new update to SprintRay Pro S printers in Europe. Delivering up to 20% faster fabrication times, this update explicitly impacts the efficiency and speed of your workflow. The best part? The updates are entirely free.

Say Hello to Even Faster Printing

We are consistently looking for ways to elevate the experience of the dental community and to improve clinical practice for new and existing SprintRay customers alike.

For existing SprintRay users, your 95 or 55 Pro S is now Bolt Optimized. Printing speeds for all of our indications have gained up to 20% boost in speed. Your total time to teeth will be shortened, making it even more possible to provide same day dentistry to your patients.

For those considering the switch to a SprintRay Pro S 3D Printer, now is the time to upgrade as our printers boast even faster printing speeds than before. This is exceptional efficiency, unmatched anywhere else in dental 3D printing.

Future-Proof Your Practice

The future is fast. With the SprintRay 3D printing ecosystem on your side, you can print an array of appliances in just under an hour. If you are an existing Pro S user, we hope you enjoy the freely available update and the lightning fast speeds. For practitioners on the fence about the advantages of our Pro S printer, now would be the perfect time to take that leap and make that upgrade.

Read about the SprintRay Pro S Dental 3D Printer update on our website.

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