Online Training:

90 minutes Session

90 minutes online training with SRU specialist Trainer (Ideal to get started with 3D Printing or to go deeper into one clinical workflow)


  •  90 minutes 390 €

Virtual training personalized to your Practice. Giving you instructions tailored to your practice. One of our SRU specialist trainers will guide you through your ecosystem’s proper use and maintenance in this online training. We analyze your training needs prior to the session with an online planning survey and design the agenda to maximize your learning experience. Ideal option for a busy practice where you or your dental team needs guidance to start your 3D digital dental journey or just update training.


Radhika Nair

Head of Clinical Education & Training - Sprintray Europe

Carla Briceno

Clinical Education & Training Specialist

Aldo Hedemann

Clinical Education & Training Specialist

Learning objectives

Increase dental 3D printing proficiency across a variety of clinical indications such as crowns, aligners, dental models, and more

Get hands-on experience with SprintRay validated 3D printing workflows, software, and hardware, covering intraoral scanning, SprintRay Cloud Design, SprintRay RayWare, Pro S series printers, Pro Wash/Dry, and ProCure 2

Learn various 3D printing and post processing workflows with our full library of 3D printing materials

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