SprintRay OnX – A 3D Printing Resin to Revolutionize Dentistry

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The first-ever radiopaque material for 3D printed provisional hybrid dentures has just dropped, and it’s already on its way to changing dental practice forever.

Resin Resilience Beyond Belief 

A 3D printing system would be nothing without printing materials that support practicality as well as innovation. Our 3D printing resins are aimed at simplifying dental workflows and delivering precise, aesthetic, and clinically fit-for-purpose appliances. They have enabled chairside dentistry for an array of applications and opened up novel pathways of dental practice. 

SprintRay resins have continuously delivered strength, durability, and incredible aesthetics. However, we are always looking to push these parameters and raise the bar of what is possible. In line with this, we are extremely proud to finally share with you our latest resin – SprintRay OnX. 

Exceptionally Strong, Exceptionally Aesthetic 

OnX is our answer to the dental community’s demands for a resin strong enough to withstand full-arch restorations. 

A game-changing material,  SprintRay OnX is the first-ever radiopaque 3D printing resin for fabricating provisional hybrid dentures. The result of meticulous engineering, OnX will simplify the implant-supported denture process beyond your wildest dreams. Using OnX, you will be able to 3D print accurate and beautiful full-arch bridges, ready to be loaded in just a few minutes. Unbelievable, we know. 

When creating OnX, we set out to design a resin with incredible strength and durability. We packed it with nano-ceramics to give it phenomenal strength and a combination of opacity and translucency. As a result, OnX strikes the perfect balance between flexural strength and modulus, allowing for dentures that look and feel real. 

Its development was completely doctor-driven, with ceramic content greater than polymer content to give it the strength necessary for full-arch clinical use. To test for its strength and clinical safety, OnX was put through intensive beta testing, with hundreds of dental professionals assessing it before its release.

 A Future Forward, Patient-Friendly Workflow

Implant-supported dentures provide a strong and reliable alternative to conventional dentures. They are more stable in the mouth, hence improving mastication, speaking ability, and facial aesthetics. They eliminate the need for friction against the gums, enabling better fit and comfort. Additionally, implant-supported dentures prevent further bone loss and preserve the jawbone – an attractive prospect for patients. 

However, hybrid dentures are typically very costly, as their fabrication process is time, resource, and labor-intensive, deterring many from opting for them. 

This is where SprintRay OnX can change the game. 

The SprintRay OnX eliminates the need for reductive fabrication. Its workflow is straightforward. Once implants have been inserted and the patient is ready for denture placement, a 3D X-Ray is taken of the locations of the implants in the patient’s mouth. This image can then be used for the design process, making adjustments and ensuring that angulation of holes is in order. You can then 3D print a provisional hybrid denture, wash, and cure, all while the patient is still in their chair. 

Potential at Your Fingertips

When used in conjunction with the SprintRay 3D printing ecosystem, OnX gives you the option for chairside fabrication of provisional dentures, streamlining and transforming your workflow beyond belief. Its printing process is as easy as plug and play, allowing for delegation to staff. It polishes well for a flawless finish and removes the need for reductive fabrication methods. The best part? OnX does not limit you to only one kind of device. Our products always leave room for creativity, allowing you to adapt them into your workflow as you see fit.  

Implant-supported dentures can be life-changing for patients, improving their speech, chewing, facial balance, and aesthetics. 3D printed provisional hybrid dentures provide a perfect and affordable solution for patients, especially those looking for full-arch reconstruction following injury or periodontal disease.  With SprintRay OnX, you can provide your patients with an inclusive, elevated dental experience. 

Learn more about SprintRay OnX here.