SprintRay and Henry Schein CEO Interview

SprintRay and Henry Schein CEOs Discuss the Future of Digital Dentistry

In News by Tyler Brouwer

Back in January, the CEO of SprintRay, Amir Mansouri, and the CEO of Henry Schein, Stanley Bergman, sat down for a friendly chat to discuss dental 3D printing, the future of digital dentistry, and most importantly, a new collaboration between the two companies.

A Fortune 500® company, Henry Schein Inc. is the largest provider of professional dental products and services to the dental and medical industries. Currently the Chairman of Board and CEO, Stanley M. Bergman has acted as the propelling force behind the company since 1989. Additionally, his significant contributions to the field of dentistry have earned him an honorary membership from the American Dental Association. Mr. Bergman’s input is highly respected by leaders in healthcare and economics and his unique perspective on the global healthcare industry has given him a holistic and future-forward vision of dentistry.

Amir Mansouri is the CEO and Co-founder of SprintRay Inc. Combining his passions for additive manufacturing and entrepreneurship, Amir co-founded SprintRay in 2014. Since then, he has overseen the growth of the company from a proof-of-concept business plan to a multinational dental equipment company that has revolutionized the field of digital dentistry. He is responsible for planning and strategizing SprintRay’s product and commercial development growth.

When Passion Projects Collide

A collaboration built on mutual respect and shared passion and purpose, SprintRay and Henry Schein have come together to expand dentistry’s limits by making in-office 3D printing a simple and mainstream practice.

Henry Schein now offers the complete portfolio of SprintRay products, making 3D printing an accessible option for dental practices and enabling the in-office production of aligners, surgical guides, occlusal guards, temporary and definitive crowns, digital dentures, and more.

With this collaboration we hope to promote, encourage and elucidate the use of 3D printing as a viable solution for in-office printing of dental appliances.

Key Takeaways

In the interview, Amir and Stanley cover the collaboration between SprintRay and Henry Schein, their journeys as entrepreneurs, what it means to be an entrepreneur in the dental industry, and the progression of 3D printing over the last few years. They ask and answer some of the more pressing questions surrounding the future of dentistry, including:

  • How does dental 3D printing help create a better, more streamlined workflow?
  • How much control over appliance fabrication does 3D printing enable?
  • Are we likely to see a shift toward digital dentistry as infection control becomes increasingly more important?
  • Does in-office 3D printing make single-visit dentistry a viable possibility?
  • Has the definition of success evolved in the past decade, and how has Silicon Valley contributed to this evolution?

In addition to the technical aspects of digital dentistry, Amir and Stanley each share their image for the future of dentistry and discuss the roles of multiculturalism and inclusion as pathways to a more diverse and future-forward dental community.

We have worked tirelessly with the team at Henry Schein to bring you this collaboration, hoping to help pave the way toward a quicker, easier, and more digitalized dentistry. SprintRay’s Frictionless Workflow solutions, now available through Henry Schein, cover every step of the dental 3D printing process.

To learn more about the collaboration between SprintRay and Henry Schein and to hear more about the future of digital dentistry, watch the full video interview.