RayWare 1.4 Now Available to Download

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Now With Editable Supports

We’re thrilled to announce our latest software release, RayWare 1.4. This update brings exciting new features that will make printing easier for all users, regardless of skill level.

Get picture-perfect details with Editable Supports.

Smart support generation is the key to great prints. Now, make it even smarter with editable supports. Printing intricate details is easy. Simply delete supports from sensitive regions and add them to other areas.

Speed up your workflow with Easy-Tear Supports.

Supports in RayWare now curve into the model in tight spaces, making removal a breeze. This also results in a better surface finish – all without compromising strength.


Platform surface rendering means ultra-consistent results.

All successful prints require adequate contact between the model and the platform. RayWare takes out the guesswork by displaying the surface. Just look underneath the platform.

Every feature we develop is the direct result of your experience and feedback. If you’d like to improve RayWare, send us a feature request at here. Stay tuned for further updates.


We have major features in the pipeline that we’re very excited about. Happy Printing!