KeySplint Soft X SprintRay Pro

In News by Tyler Brouwer

SprintRay is thrilled to announce that the resin profile for KeySplint Soft is now available* for SprintRay Pro!

Digital Speed, World Class Quality

It is a revolutionary step forward in 3D printing materials. The resin, which is compatible today with SprintRay Pro, produces beautiful, strong, long-lasting splints that have just the right amount of flex. With KeySplint Soft, you no longer have to choose between rapid delivery and high quality when it comes to splint materials.

While 3D printing splints has been possible for awhile, the materials tended to be very rigid and hard. Though fully-rigid splints still present a great value, it provides outstanding intraoral comfort thanks to its unique balance of hardness and flexibility. At room temperature the material is difficult to deform, but it becomes more pliable in warm environments.

The latest version of RayWare, available now, includes the resin curing profile preset for SprintRay Pro. If you’re ready to start creating beautiful, flexible splints that your patients will love, check out KeyStone’s post-processing guidebook for information on how to effectively prepare the appliance for patient delivery.

Note: Your SprintRay Pro must update to the latest version of PrintOS. To update your SprintRay Pro, connect your Pro to the internet and follow the prompts on the touchscreen.

Post Processing and Technical Information

Due to its unique mechanical properties, it requires a slightly different post-processing regiment than many other 3D printing resins. To make sure that you’re maximizing the mechanical properties of your splints and nightguards, check out our support article on the subject:

For more information about the mechanical and biocompatible properties KeySplint Soft, such as instructions for use and long-term wear studies, download the technical kit here:

*must have an active RayWare Pro subscription in order to access 3rd party resin profiles