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Fully Printed Dentures Improve Accessibility

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This month, SprintRay is making an appearance in the aesthetics section of Dental Products Report. The article, about improving accessibility of dentistry with 3D printing, features SprintRay 3D printers and our ability to utilize supported third-party resins to produce fully printed dentures.

A New Frontier for Prosthodontics

fully printed denture

Image from Lee Culp, CDT, showing the staining capabilities of fully printed dentures.

The crux of the article is affordability. Fully printed dentures have previously only been used as try-ins. But with SprintRay’s ability to use open certified resins, these monolithic try-ins can be quickly converted into eco-dentures. Using PMMA materials that can be stained to match the appearance of real gingiva and teeth, prosthodontists can offer a significantly less expensive denture option for those who can’t afford the multi-thousand-dollar investment of traditionally-fabricated dentures. And because SprintRay operates with an open certified resin system, clinicians can create these fully printed dentures with bio-compatible resins that are Class Ia certified, meaning they can live in a patient’s mouth for up to a year at a time.

Fully Printed Dentures in No Time

sprintray 3d printers digital dentistry

3D printed dentures are a breeze with SprintRay.

Not only do monolithic dentures offer significant cost savings over their traditionally-fabricated counterparts, but they can be created in a fraction of the time. In the hands of a capable doctor, a patient can have their dentition scanned in the morning, try in their new dentures in the afternoon, and receive final placement in the evening. Of course most cases won’t happen this quickly, the technology certainly allows for it. For patients who are buying traditionally-fabricated dentures, using fully printed dentures as a try-in saves at least one appointment, often more if adjustments need to be made. Plus, since the scanning process is totally digital, there are no more messy impression trays to contend with.


Check out the full article here. Interested in fully printed dentures for your practice or lab? Request a sample, or come see us live at the International Denture Symposium.