SprintRay Dashboard 2.0

Fully-integrated dental appliance design for SprintRay 3D printers.

See How it Works

The best design software is the one you don't have to learn how to use. SprintRay Dashboard was created to fuel the next 100 years of digital dentistry by removing the black box of design from your daily operation.

Use Dashboard 2.0 to manage treatments and order designs, then manufacture them with your SprintRay Pro for a truly frictionless dental 3D printing workflow.


Dental Appliance Design, Simplified.

With Dashboard 2.0, digital smile and occlusal guard design is a fully-integrated experience that's as easy as clicking a button.


Start Planning

Using the intuitive interface, fill out the details of your patient's desired treatment outcomes. Add images and any other supporting materials to make sure that our designers understand the scope of treatment. 

Upload Patient Data

Dashboard 2.0 is compatible with any intraoral scanner. Collect your patient’s relevant digital records and upload them to Dashboard 2.0 from any device. If you're creating a treatment order for a patient you've already scanned, simply select the files from Dashboard's patient history logs.


Setup Desired Print Settings

Tell us what kind of SprintRay 3D printer you're going to use as well as which resin you'll be printing with. This step is critical, as the design will be custom-tailored to your print parameters and hardware. Taking these settings into account help us ensure that you'll get a fantastic fit and finish.

Give us a Timeline

Digital design should happen on your schedule. You'll set a deadline within the cloud portal to make sure that you have ample time to approve and manufacture the appliance before your patient returns for their next visit.


Communicate with Design Experts

When you submit your design request, you're automatically connected with a member of our expert design team. Check the status of your order and use live chat to communicate with your designer from anywhere with an internet connection.

Once your design is ready, it's easy to review the file using Dashboard's built-in 3D file viewer. Request changes through the portal's revision system, or approve the design. 

Send it to Printer

Once you've approved your order, it is automatically sent to your SprintRay 3D printer through our unique cloud system. The job will arrive oriented and properly supported, so that all you have to do is press 'Print' on your SprintRay Pro - no computer required.


Available Treatments

To begin with, Dashboard 2.0 design will only support digital smile design and occlusal guard design. This specialization will help us make sure we're providing outstanding results every single time.


Digital Smile Design

Nothing helps a patient visualize their smile like a physical waxup model. Receive a printable waxup for patient presentation and education, helping to increase case acceptance and patient satisfaction. Help patients achieve their smile goals, giving them the confidence to say 'yes' to treatment with a full 3D picture of their projected outcome. 


Occlusal Guards

Nearly every patient can benefit from an occlusal guard. Drastically reduce the cost and delivery of this useful appliance by fabricating it in your office with minimal labor and lead time. Leverage KeySplint Soft and SprintRay Pro to deliver high-quality, comfortable guards with slight flexure and high resistance to wear. With Dashboard 2.0, you can receive a design that is ready for printing.

Integrates with Existing Digital Technology

3D Printing with Dashboard 2.0 helps amplify investments in digital technologies.

Dashboard 2.0 helps you capitalize on the frictionless workflow promised by digital technologies such as scanners, 3D printers, and mills. Thanks to its open architecture, Dashboard 2.0 allows you to make the most of whichever brand of intraoral scanner you have in your office.


The Next Level of Print Monitoring

There's more to Dashboard than meets the eye.

In addition to the introduction of design services into Dashboard 2.0, a full redesign of the print monitoring system puts you in control of your production output.


Live Print Monitoring

Keep track of your production, wherever you are. Dashboard 2.0 features a redesigned print monitoring suite that leverages cloud technology to make sure that you're always on top of your office's production.

Resin Usage Reports

Never wonder when it's time to replenish resin. Dashboard 2.0 keeps a log of your past resin usage and makes predictions about when it will be time to order more so that you don't have to worry about running out.

Patient Management and File Storage

Track patient logs, billing, and prescription history all in once convenient place. Store patient files securely on Dashboard's cloud system for easy access, making re-prints a breeze if an appliance is lost or broken.

Available Late 2020

Dashboard 2.0, including the design services, will be available to a select number of users starting in late 2020.

Cutting-edge Digital Dentistry Powered by SprintRay

The SprintRay 3D printing ecosystem is designed for the unique needs of dental professionals. With SprintRay as your partner, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in dentistry has never been easier.

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