SprintRay Crown™ / Digital Dentistry

The latest SprintRay Resin is here to reform your digital dental workflow and make dental 3D printing faster, cheaper and better than ever before.

3D printing of crowns is incredibly fast and affordable

SprintRay’s innovative and pioneering 3D printing materials allow you to make the most of dental 3D printing in your practice. Our growing range of resins has transformed dental practice, enabling precise and easy chairside fabrication for a wide range of dental indications.

We are constantly striving to offer our customers new, affordable and high-quality products as well as solutions. We keep both dentists and their patients in mind and do our best to make high-end digital dentistry fully inclusive.

With this in mind, we are pleased to introduce the latest resin to join the SprintRay family. SprintRay Crown™ . This resin enables 3D printing of crowns and restorations in the dental office and laboratories at a very low material cost per crown.

So, for just a few euros and in less than an hour, you can 3D print crowns certified as Class II medical material in the comfort of your own practice. What’s more, this is an incredible opportunity to get a quick return on your investment.

The SprintRay Crown Resin at a glance

The most important features of the resin at a glance :
  • Fantastic aesthetics
  • Incredible integrity
  • Full comfort
  • Easy to polish
  • Class II certified medical material
SprintRay Crown™ is a ceramic-filled hybrid material for 3D printing permanent single crowns, inlays, onlays and veneers. It offers a perfect fit, precise fabrication and reproducible results.

Specially formulated to provide superior marginal integrity, radiopacity and increased flowability, SprintRay Crown™ has strength and aesthetics equivalent to conventional composites, as well as natural fluorescence. Its dentistry-focused formulation creates an optimal balance between opacity and translucency, providing patients with 3D printed teeth that look and feel natural. SprintRay Crown™ is resistant to ageing, fading, wear and tear. It has been rigorously validated in laboratory studies to ensure structural integrity and confirm that it has no cytotoxicity.

With SprintRay Crown™ you can be confident that the restorations produced will stand the test of time.

The crowning glory!

SprintRay Crown™ offers dentists the luxury of true chairside dentistry at an incredibly affordable price. It will simplify and streamline your workflow beyond all doubt, freeing up time and energy for even better patient care. Trust SprintRay Crown™ to impress your patients and increase your profits. Want to see it to believe it? Request a crown sample.

The SprintRay Crown is now available in the US, EU, EFTA and UK

Request a free sample today

Order your free crown sample and learn how SprintRay 3D products can revolutionize your practice.

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