Dr. Paul Zhivago’s Practice Insights

In Case Studies by Tyler Brouwer

Dr. Paul Zhivago’s practice, DOWNTOWNDENTAL, treats patients who frequently travel all around the world. In order to rapidly deliver aesthetic results for his patients, Dr. Zhivago turns to 3D printing to rapidly deliver try-in and temporary veneers. This adds big value to his practice, as his patients mustn’t wait for several weeks to begin receiving the benefits of their treatments.

Dr. Zhivago’s workflow for delivering rapid veneers for his patients.

Additionally, Dr. Zhivago provides spare provisional sets to his patients. Thanks to 3D printing, creating these extras costs him only a few dollars in materials and almost no time. The value-add for his patients is huge: any dentist anywhere in the world can easily place these spares for a nominal fee, helping Dr. Zhivago’s patients feel secure enough to travel anywhere, knowing that their aesthetic and restorative dental treatments are assured.

Digital models such as these can be printed with biocompatible materials in just a few hours for Dr. Zhivago’s patients.

Though Dr. Zhivago has only been using SprintRay 3D printers for a few years, he can’t imagine operating his practice without them. To learn how his process works, download the SprintRay Practice Insights article below.

In this Practice Insights article:

1. Dr. Zhivago’s reasons for incorporating a 3D printer into his practice

2. Insights into the benefits of the fully-digital workflow for his multinational patients

 3. Considerations for choosing the right 3D printer for your office