SprintRay Referral Program

Spread the 3D Printing Revolution, Get Resin

The dental community is full of inspiring individuals who are leveraging 3D printing to improve the lives of their patients. At SprintRay, we know that incredible people tend to find each other, so we're proud to offer a referral program that rewards your good deeds. 

Validate, Share, Get Rewarded

1 bottle of resin for you, 1 bottle of resin for each person you refer.

Step 1

Validate Your Referral Code

Use this form to enter the details of your SprintRay Pro 3D printer to validate your purchase and receive your referral code. 

How do I find my serial number?
Settings > About > Printer Serial Number

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
Step 2

Share Your Referral Code with Your Friends.

When the person you're referring buys SprintRay Pro 3D printer, have them enter your serial number (your serial number is now your referral code) into the correct purchasing field during the checkout process. If buying from a SprintRay representative or dealer rep, share the code with your consultant to ensure you receive your reward.

Step 3

After 60 Days, You Each Receive a Bottle of Resin.

60 days after the confirmed purchase, we'll be in touch to validate the address of both you and the person you referred. Once confirmed, each of you will receive a bottle of Die & Model resin!*

*Offer not valid if purchased product returned. Must be a validated and qualified sale.